Right now, leaders in mindfulness, positive education and self development worldwide are joining together, donating their content and their time to reach millions of schools, teachers and students for free.

The goal? To create a ‘universal classroom’ for inwards learning, available to all.


A global non-profit
'inwards education' initiative

An audacious goal. Never been done before,
but absolutely possible.

Well-being. Resilience. Gratitude, Joy. Self-esteem.
Confidence. Empathy. Mindfulness, Meditation. Peace.
Acceptance. Compassion. Kindness. Growth. Service.
Purpose. Connection.

Whether you are a CEO or third grader, these skills and habits are the ones that truly set ourselves up for life’s challenges and will help us all to reach our true potential and build better futures.

We are not here to prove the case – there’s enough scientific and social proof already available on the positive impacts for learning, achievement, emotional development and happiness.

We are here to help solve the delivery solution into every school, regardless of geography,economics or culture and this is one positive step in that direction.

Teachers, students, parents, principals, guardians, carers, school leaders and school communities are involved in all levels of this project to ensure we get this right.

This project is working hard to support and
help meet the UN Sustainable Development Goal # 4 - Quality Education For All

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